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Arizona Justice CharacterArizona Justice is a social activist game designed to highlight problems in Arizona Immigration law SB 1070. While racial profiling may not be its intent, it is a likely consequence. Play the game to see how you would find illegal immigrants. This game is satire. It was created in a few short nights, but hopefully it gets the point across.

Its like MII Match on the WII. The left section contains the number of correctly identified illegal immigrants, while the score below lists the number of citizens hassled in the search of illegal immigrants. The number on the right is the score. You gain 10 points for correctly identifying illegal aliens and you lose 5 points for every citizen you click. When you click an illegal person, they disappear. All of the characters in the game are possible illegal immigrants, but the brown characters are more likely to be illegal immigrants.

Depor graphicThe easiest way to play the game is to start by finding brown people. If you play, youll find yourself drawn to the same pattern to win. It seems like any way you train someone to spot illegal immigrants, they are going to fall on the same old patterns. Its simply thinly veiled racism.

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